FFKM Performance and Application

 FFKM is the abbreviated name of a popular synthetic rubber, Perfluoroelastomers. FFKM or Perfluoroelastomer is the complete fluorizating rubber, FFKM and fluorizating plastic (the PTFE teflon). The trade name of FFKM is VITON. FFKM is widely used in the most dangerous and strict technique environment for sealing.

Properties of FFKM
is known to have outstanding heat-resisting properties.Considering the various anti-chemical properties and compounds like strong acid, strong alkali, ketones, oxidant, fuel, acid, alkali and so on, where the common fluorizating rubber is unable to withstand, FFKM is used and it displays remarkable stability, and excellent tolerance to all chemicals. Moreover, FFKM also can maintain the elastic property of the rubber under 300 degree C high temperature.

When FFKM rubber is applied to seal products in the the medicine, the semiconductor, and the chemical industry, it can
·         Increase seal life
·         Decrease service cost
·         Reduce the pollution degree

Best Seal Performance
The FFKM rubber components have 3 main constituents:
·         The polymer chain
·         The crossing linking system and
·         The padding
These help in attaining the best elastic effect through the adjustment of material ingredient. As per needs, the FFKM products are used in O ring, V ring, plate and stick and other shapes. Molding can also be done with metal when necessary.

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Protect Environment
Compared to other types of rubber product, FFKM product has more durability and a more outstanding chemical performance. This helps in reducing chemical leakage produced by the seal failure to a great extent. With more and more attention given to even a slight chemical leakage and the volatile emissions, FFKM rubber is widely used in various industrial applications. FFKM can reduce pollution and conform to the environmental protection laws and regulations.
Prevent Pollution
The FFKM product can prevent the pollution and there is purity in the production process due to various reasons:
·         Slow down the speed of aging in the corrosive chemical environment.
·         Even under the hot temperature conditions, the sealing ability is maintained.
·         The ingredients in the rubber are pure. They are not dissolved in the medium.
·         The outgassing rate of the vacuum seal is very low.
·         The purity of FFKM rubber conforms to the harsh FDA standard.
Reduced Maintenance Cost and Enhanced Efficiency
The FFKM product has the homogeneity, no seepage, and pinhole on the surface. Besides the outstanding heat-resisting and anti-chemical performance, the properties like homogeneity, no seepage enhance sealing property, increases the movement cycle, and decrease the maintenance cost effectively. The persistent effective and durable life of FFKM product can reduce the accidental down time. It can expand the use rate and the optimize the equipment's performance. FFKM product can help improve technique stability and increase the operating time of the equipment, which serve as the biggest benefit for the user.